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Niagara Pool Liner Pattern

Swimming Pool Liners Sales and Installation

We offer a wide selection of pool liners to fit any size and shape of pool. Our liners come in a variety of colors and patterns to match any backyardcor. We also offer custom liners to fit any unique pool shape. Our liners are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to last for years.

We use state of the art software to measure your pool and create a 3D model of your pool. This allows us to accurately measure the size and shape of your pool, as well as any features such as steps, benches, and other features. We can then use this model to create a pool liner that is a perfect fit for your pool.

Our pool liners are designed to last for many years and are backed by a manufacturer‘s warranty. They are also UVresistant and chlorineresistant, so they won‘t fade or deteriorate over time.

Fast Installation

We offer fast installation of all our products. Our team of experienced technicians can install your product quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your pool is up and running in no time.


Custom Fit

Your pool liner is custom designed to fit your pool as each pool is different.  Our team comes to your home to measure your pool and designs your liner to ensure a perfect fit every time. 

New Patterns for 2023

Sparking Seas

Midas Sparkling Sea

White Carrara


Harlo Ocean Midnight

Who makes your liners?

Where possible we try to source our liners from local manufacturers like Linerwerx located right here in St. Catharines.

How ever at times we use other manufacturers such as Deys Fabricating, Poolwerx, Highbury, Latham, and Magna.   We also carry AquaFab Liners who are located in Quebec.

What is your Warranty.

Our Liners are all backed by the individual manufacturer against seam seperations and manufacturer defects.  

We back it up with a 1 year workmanship warranty.

We want to proceed what is the next steps?

Ordering a new pool liner is simple. First, we measure the size of the pool and determine the type of liner you need. Next, you select the pattern and color of the liner. Once we have this information we submit your order to our manufacturer. The manufacturer will then produce the liner and ship it to us. Once we have received the liner, we will schedule the next available date.   Usually from time of order to installation it takes less then 3 weeks. 

How long does a liner replacement take?

The amount of time it takes to replace a liner will depend on the size and complexity of the liner, as well as the experience of the installer.

Our Liner Experts have installed thousands and work in a timely, efficient manner.  The process from draining your pool to having your pool full and running again is 4 days. 

Our Process:
Evening of day 1:  Drain Pool

Day 2:  Removed old liner, prep pool for new liner and install new liner.  Start Filling pool. 

Day 3:  We remove vacuums and cut in the faceplates and gaskets on your pool.   Continue filling it and enjoy.

Need More Information?

We are more then happy to provide you with Fair, Honest advice about your swimming pool liner.

We understand that you as a customer want to be sure that you are getting the best value for your money. We offer competitive prices and a wide selection of pool liners as well as fast professional installtion to ensure that you get the best value for your money.


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