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AB Measurement of a Pool

Pool Measuring 

The pool measuring is a crucial part of the process as it allows you to determine the size of the liner you need. It is important to take accurate measurements of the pool in order to ensure that the liner fits correctly. Measurements should include the length, width, slopes, and depth of the pool, as well as the size and shape of the steps, benches, and any other special features. Once you have these measurements, you can use them to order the correct size liner for your pool.

Problems that can rise from a liner that is not properly fit include overlaps or wrinkles from having too much material and not enough stretch.  Stress on the material from over stress can cause seam seperations, or rips and tears in the liner.  This is why properly measuring a pool is most important.

Our software provides an accurate and detailed drawing of your pool, allowing us to measure and assess the exact dimensions and angles of your pool.  This data then can be sent to the manufacturer to  create a customfit liner, ensuring a perfect fit. Our software also allows us to identify any errors or inconsistencies before the liner goes into production, ensuring that you get the best possible product.

We offer pool measuring services for both DIY and pool companies. Our services include measuring and calculating pool dimensions, assessing the pool‘s condition, and providing detailed diagrams of the pool‘s layout.

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