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Swimming Pool Service and Repairs

Looking for a reliable pool service and repair company? Look no further than Niagara Pool Liners!   Our expert team has experience of all aspects of of pools including new pool construction, pool equipment, to pool water chemistry.   Ensuring  you have a crystal clear, and ready to enjoy swimming pool. Whether you need simple servicing or emergency repairs, we’ve got you covered. 

Safety Cover Installation<br />

Safety Covers

Safety Covers

Protect your pool and loved ones with a Safety Cover. Our top-quality covers provide unmatched safety, durability, and style. Trust us for expert sales and installation services that will give you peace of mind. Choose the best for your family’s safety – choose Safety Cover today

FIberglass Pool Stairs

Pool Stairs

Add Pool Stairs

Upgrade your pool experience with ease by adding Pool Stairs! Say goodbye to awkwardly climbing in and out of the water, and hello to a luxurious entrance. Trust us, you won’t regret adding these must-have steps to your backyard oasis.

Add or Upgrade lighting to your pool

Pool Lighting

Add/Upgrade Pool lights

Illuminate your pool with style and make a splash at any time of the day! Our Pool Lights are the perfect addition to create an unforgettable swimming experience. With brilliant colors and easy installation, you can enjoy a stunning visual display that will impress all your friends and family. Trust us, once you add our Pool Lights to your pool, you’ll never want to swim in the dark again!

AB Measurement of a Pool

Pool Measuring

Pool Measuring

Get your pool measured like a pro with our expert Pool Measuring services! Trust us to accurately measure every inch of your pool, ensuring the perfect fit for any accessories or renovations. With our top-notch technology and experienced team, we guarantee precision and satisfaction every time.

Skimmer Replacement<br />

Skimmer & Jet Replacement

Skimmer and Jet Replacement

Say goodbye to pool problems with our expert skimmer and jet replacement services! We’ll fix those pesky cracks and leaks in no time, leaving you with a crystal-clear oasis that’s ready for endless summer fun. Trust us to handle the job with confidence – your pool will thank you!

Leaking Pool

Pool Leak Locating and Repairs

Pool Leaks

Say goodbye to pool leaks with our expert repair services! Our team of skilled professionals specializes in identifying and fixing all types of pool leaks. Trust us to provide a quick, efficient, and reliable solution to any leak issues you may be experiencing. With our top-notch service, you can relax knowing that your pool is in good hands.