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Swimming Pool Stair Installation

Pool Stairs

Pool Stairs are a great way to make pools more accessible and safer for anyone who wants to use them. Stairs provide a safe and easy way for people to enter and exit the pool without having to climb over the edge or jump in. Adding stairs also reduces the risk of slipping or falling while entering or exiting the pool. They can also make it easier for young children older people, and people with mobility issues,  to enter and exit the pool. Stairs also help to reduce the risk of drowning by providing a place to rest if someone becomes exhausted while swimming. Additionally, stairs can add an aesthetic touch to any pool, making it look more inviting and attractive.

When replacing a pool liner, it is a great opportunity to add stairs to the pool. This is because the liner will already be removed, which makes it easier to add the stairs and make any necessary adjustments. It is also an ideal time to make sure the stairs are properly installed and that the liner fits properly around them.

We offer 3 types of pool stairs. Traditional Fiberglass Stairs, Vinyl over stairs, and Drop in stairs. Each type of stair has its own unique features and benefits. Traditional Fiberglass Stairs are strong, durable, and resistant to wear and tear. Vinyl over stairs are easy to install and maintain, and are also resistant to weathering. Drop in stairs are a great option for tight spaces, as they can be easily installed without the need for a lot of extra support.

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Types of Pool Stairs

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